So Meta is Martyn's blog about wanting to see the world from the outside.

⭐️ For what

  • I want to understand reality more accurately.
  • I want to act less wrong.
  • I want to get high from understanding complex patterns

🧠 Why

People can perceive themselves from the outside. An advanced brain is responsible for this ability, but it has a number of vulnerabilities. And in part, they can be dealt with on their own (no*).
Here are some of the brain errors: survivor error, accessibility heuristics, and the illusion of control. In all, cognitive distortions have been described more than a hundred and are found in most people.
By understanding distortions, I can spot them and if not prevent them, at least correct them in time. Therefore, while studying rationality, I quickly felt the benefit in cases where I was able to direct something in a desired direction.

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* — this is a topic for a separate discussion. In short, it's too costly to fight them, and there are too few resources to do so